“Southern California Landscapes” at 7 Dudley Cinema

Please join Madison Brookshire, Alexandra Cuesta and me for a screening of our work in Venice, CA this Monday. Details below!

Monday, November 15
7 Dudley Cinema
1411 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA

Three contemporary filmmakers – Vera Brunner-Sung, Madison Brookshire, and Alexandra Cuesta – screen recent works about time, landscape and the city. All filmmakers will be in attendance!

Filmed over the course of two years near the town of Moreno Valley, Vera Brunner-Sung’s COMMON GROUND (2008, 27m) documents the demolition of military family homes and the erection of a business park in their stead. A clear-eyed look at destruction for the sake of progress, this examination of land use and social history offers the audience a journey into both the past and the future. “… a trip into Southern California, a land whose cyclical process of abandonment, decay, demolition and reconstruction is a sign of how the economy is making a mark on the land.” – Torino Film Festival.

Moving from east to west and back, Alexandra Cuesta’s PIENSA EN MI (2009, 15m) offers a portrait of urban landscape in motion from the intimate perspective of public transport in our city. Over the course of the day, images of riders, textures of light and fragments of bodies in space are woven together to create an unexpected, visually arresting poem. Winner of The Map of Time Award, 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Madison Brookshire’s OPENING (2007, 25m) reveals the city in the landscape and the landscape in the city. Many of the images come from overlooked, “in-between” spaces, such as off-ramps and back alleys. The film will be shown with its original, live score. “…a quiet but grand record of the contemporary American landscape” – Andy Ditzler. “[OPENING] is attentive to small movements—cars in the distance, a herd of sheep. Austere but intensely focused compositions suggest that mindful observation can render ordinary sights meaningful.” – Fred Camper, Chicago Reader.