Hot Springs, AR

In Hot Springs, home of the oldest documentary film festival in the United States and Bill Clinton’s childhood! It was a bustling resort town a hundred years ago, and a favorite hangout of Prohibition-era gangsters like Al Capone. There are glorious old hotels from this era and the 1950s, many or most of which have yet to see better days. The hot springs are still flowing, though, and the center of town is actually a national park. Extremely hot water flows straight out of the hillside into fountains, pools, and pipes that lead straight into a series of bath houses. Walking down Central Avenue on a sunny day, I liked watching the billows of steam come up through the storm drains.

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  1. maura says:

    We went to Hot Springs with family friends when I was about in 5th grade, I think. What a funny little town that was.

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