In the Canyon, Revise the Canon

Just released by Shelter Press: In the Canyon, Revise the Canon, a book on pedagogy and artist-run communities in Los Angeles edited by scholar and theorist Géraldine Gourbe. It includes an interview with the artist Senga Nengudi, conducted by me and Elana Mann. (I was also a proofreader for the book.)

Our esteemed fellow contributors are Mark Allen, Juliette Bellocq, Nancy Buchanan, Carol Cheh, Matthew Coolidge, Jill Dawsey, François Esquivié, Rita Gonzales, Robby Herbst, Walter Hopps, Robert Irwin, Chris Kraus, Leslie Labowitz, Suzanne Lacy, Fred Lonidier, Pauline Oliveros, Emily Mast, Janet Sarbanes, Annette Weisser, Joshua Young, and Andrea Zittel.