Screening in Kansas City

Untitled (Perlman Pl.) will screen in conjunction with the exhibition “Floorplan” at Plug Projects in Kansas City, Missouri. This Friday! More details here.
The full program:

World of Foam, Stephanie Wuertz, 2013, 7 min., USA From a dark, moldy basement in the Lower East Side comes a found film fragment of a lost utopia.

Echo in My Room, Ted Kennedy, 2012, 3 min., USA Super8 documentation of aloneness and the physical space between two apartments in San Francisco.

Alternative Strategies #1: Handmade Home, Marcy Saude 2012, 4:30 min., Netherlands Alternative Strategies #1: Handmade Home is a brief document of the house built by the artists Robert Nelson and William T. Wiley in the forests of Mendocino County, California.

Untitled (Perlman Pl.), Vera Brunner-Sung 2006, 1 min., USA In Southern California, the housing boom generated a seemingly endless repetition of pastel stucco boxes. This micro-portrait draws attention to the human side of this standardized environment, revealing the intimacy of anonymity in one suburban fortress.

Funnel Web Family, Michael Higgins, 2013, 14 min., Ireland A prying look at the creatures that inhabit a home.

The Hunch that Caused the Winning Streak and Fought the Doldrums Mightily, Stephanie Barber, 2010, 2 min., USA The interior was delusional like any visual psyche. The couches and plants, rugs and paintings were all in cahoots and up in arms over the cahootery. The explorers were under-qualified and cowardly.

Eigenheim, Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy, 2012, 16 min., Germany In the GDR children played with dollhouses made to resemble the life they would one day have. Now many of these houses can be found on Ebay or in private collections. Eigenheim looks at these houses through their owners’ memories to explore the remnants of a lost world.

Getting Stonger Every Day, Miranda July, 2001, 6:30 min., USA “There are two movies I saw on TV about boys who were taken from their families and then returned to them years later. One boy was on a fun spaceship for years and the other boy was kidnapped and molested. These boys were never the same again and they just couldn’t re-integrate into the family. They are sort of the comedy and tragedy version of the same story and it is a mundanely spiritual story. Getting Stronger Every Day includes these boys’ tales, but they are like mystical objects placed on the living reality of the man storyteller. In other parts of the movie actual mystical objects hover in peoples lives without a myth or story attached.”