Fallen Star: documenting at UCSD

Today Do Ho Suh’s piece Fallen Star was installed on the 7th floor terrace of the Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD. The artwork consists of a 70,000 lb simulation of a Rhode Island cottage and a surrounding garden; once the house’s interior is finished, it will be functional and accessible to the public.

The canted angle, however, might cause visitors to reconsider the length of their stay — the disorientation is almost nauseating. Suh, who is interested in notions of displacement, belonging, and the meaning of home, has pulled off a work that manifests a psychological experience in the physical body. He had an extraordinary team to help make this happen. Why do I know so much about this piece? Do Ho and I go back many years, and he asked me to help him make a film about it. I, also, could never have accomplished what we did that day, without my phenomenal team of producers, cinematographer, cameramen and women, production and camera assistants, and exceptional support staff. It was a very special day for everyone.